How we work at Lead2Business

Lead2business supplies a wide range of products to the financial sectors, generating both lead supply and appointments.

Within our Consumer division we specialise in a range of products from Life Insurance, Mortgages/Re-mortgages and Wills and within our business division we specialise in Business Protection, Business Combined insurance and Group Private Medical insurance.

We like to work very closely with all companies using our services to ensure our product is delivered to a satisfactory level of quality and on time.

The Process

The process we go through is slightly different to a lot of lead/appointment supply companies out there, the main difference being that we do not source or create through the internet. We do all our lead generation and appointment booking through telemarketing, which is in-house, in the UK.

Both consumer and business products supplied will go through a minimum of two calls. The initial calls are to find potential customers that:

  • Are reviewing their current product of interest
  • Interested in looking to take up a new product
  • Have changed circumstances so need to update their current product
  • Current product due for renewal

The final call is a confirmation call to maintain our quality. On the final call we will double check all details given and, most importantly, make sure there is a genuine interest to be passed to a broker.

At this stage we will also opt in your company name and the broker’s name who will be calling, and get the best time for you to contact the customer.

As we are all aware, a lead is just a lead – not a guaranteed sale. Having said that, we operate one of the fairest replacement policies in the industry, which will maintain a high conversion rate.

Replacement Policy

We believe we run the fairest replacement policy currently operating within the financial lead and appointment supply industry, all replacements will be verified, whilst the lead or appointment in question goes through verification we will supply replacements, eradicating any down time.

What we replace –

  • Wrong contact number.
  • No contact within 10 working days.
  • Out of postcode area.
  • Duplication
  • Policy to old.
  • Non UK National or a Non UK Resident.
  • Not interested on initial call with broker.
  • Number not in use
  • Medical conditions not picked up on by Lead2business that prevent you from competitively quoting.
  • Policies linked to endowment mortgages that prevent you from quoting.
  • Business must be within the correct timeframe for a renewal quote
  • Decision maker

What we do not replace –

  • We do not replace if the request is submitted after 10 days from the receipt of the lead.
  • We do not replace leads after you the company have made first point of contact and the customer was happy to receive a review.
  • We do not replace if the company decide to reappoint the lead and the customer is not available at your convenience.
  • We do not replace if the customer receives a better quote from one of your competitors.
  • We do not replace leads if you choose not to sit or miss an appointment.
  • We only replace on the original leads sent out, we do not replace ‘replacements’.
  • We only replace ‘no contact’ leads after you have tried contacting the lead over a 10 working day period.
  • If an appointment is not kept by you the company and the customer will not rebook due to this.

Lead2business does not offer a cancellation or refund policy once your order with us has started. If you wish to postpone the lead delivery once started, Lead2business is more than happy to do so. Lead2business only offers a ‘replacement’ policy not a refund policy.

With the leads or appointments we supply to you, we have opted your company in to quote for the renewal of the desired product or to quote on new products of interest. You will also be put in contact with the decision maker.

We understand it is our job to get your foot in the door.


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